Next Level Networks LLC performs a wide variety of Information Technology infrastructure projects for our clients. These are some of our completed projects.

Wireless Backhaul – This client wanted to share the internet and local network connections from one building to another across their campus, without tearing up the parking lot. We were able to provide them with exactly what they wanted, wirelessly, in a cleanly installed package.

  Backhaul AP Backhaul Station

Distributed Wireless Network Access – A clean and simple office installation providing wireless network access throughout the building to employees and a guest network for clients to use while they wait. The access points receive power over their network cable, saving costs in cabling.


Exterior Security Cameras – We installed multiple network connected security cameras to a large shop building for this client. These cameras are interconnected over the network to a storage server which handles the motion based recording. The cameras can be accessed by the client anywhere they have an internet connection, from a computer or smartphone.

uvc-g3          uvc-g3-1

Some camera installations are at remote locations where network access is not available. Using a combination of our wireless bridge solutions we are able to place cameras covering these sites with minimal infrastructure upgrade costs to the client.

IMG_20170426_124848 IMG_20170427_124141 IMG_20170427_124151

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